Mathematics is a stepping stone to higher level coarses and students are made to understand  that from the beginning. That’s why students attitude is food to the subject.
Our mission in the mathematics department is to provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application. Moreover, the department aims at contributing to the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become life long learners, to continue to grow in their chosen professions, and to function as productive citizens.
The Department’s vision is to: Strive towards mathematical excellent.
The values that guide our decisions, strategies and actions are:Excellence, Integrity, Leadership and Impact.
Some of the programmes that have made the subject popular in school include: Dedicated group discussions, After lunch test on selected days of the week, Mathematics club and Daily assignment. This has led to students walking towards targets which cumulatively  has been yielding quality grades and also reducing the tail.
The department has 4 highly motivated and dedicated teachers who impart knowledge to students. This members are;
1. Mr. Onyango Antony - HOD
2. Mrs. Marion Mwanza - HOS
3. Mrs. Kiti Irene
4. Mrs. Wanjala Esther
We are dedicated to serve our students.

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